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CalorieKing Review

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CalorieKing.com is all about helping you to make healthier choices. Whether it’s reaching for a banana instead of a chocolate bar, or eating salads with your dinner, it’s a slow-burn concept that focuses on changing habits.

If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, this site might not be for you. The software essentially analyses what you eat and then makes recommendations on where you can adjust your food to help you become healthier. This is no bad thing, as it’s proven that lifestyle changes are more successful in long-term weight loss than fad diets are. So, what does the software actually do?

Essentially you are required to keep an accurate list of what you’re eating. The software has a large database of over 5000 foods, each of which is carefully documented so that its nutritional values (including calories) can be added up to form your meal. 

The software isn’t hard to use, although it’s not the easiest either. At least you can search for foods without much difficultly. Once you find a food you just drag and drop it into the appropriate area, and let the software do the work.

This site does offer some articles and advice on how to lose weight with exercise, although there aren’t a lot, and little in the way of actual exercises to follow. There’s a new app to download, which makes logging your food all that much easier. However, we would like a few more additional features such as being able to scan bar codes or create shopping lists, as it can be a little hard to know how much of each item you’ve eaten unless you cooked it for yourself. 

There are a few books available, including exercise and food journals. More interesting, perhaps, is the “Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate” text which includes a diabetics guide and food from fast food chains. This ought to help when you’re out and about (although many countries now have requirements that fast food outlets should provide nutritional information to customers on request). This makes eating out a little easier to track.

Although CalorieKing is useful for tracking the food you’re eating, and subsequently reducing your intake of fats and sugars, it doesn’t do a whole lot more. Think of it as a tracking tool with a bunch of recipes to help you out, but not much more. 

If you want to lose a lot of weight, changing your eating habits is vital. However, you may wish to combine Calorie King with another dieting site with more tools, or even a workout website. As such, for some people, this software might not offer everything you need. 

At around $50 a year, CalorieKing isn’t expensive but you can find cheaper (or free) websites which will offer a similar service. There’s a free trial, though, so it’s definitely worth checking out, and the new app looks useful for when you’re on the move. 

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