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FitDay.com offers a combined online tracking system with a real-life dietitian to help you lose and maintain weight. It focuses on healthy eating and exercise to change your habits and lifestyle, rather than encouraging you to suddenly shed pounds which might pile back on. It does this through providing tracking systems, expert guidance and motivational contacts.

The software is available for a desktop computer or mobile device, with free journals for tracking your eating and exercise. This information can then show you the nutritional values of your foods, and how many calories you might be burning off through your daily activities and workouts. It also recommends exercises based on your calorie intake.

Whilst this system seems accurate and may be of use to you if you know what you’re looking for, it might be a little bewildering for anyone who doesn’t really know what they should be eating or which food are beneficial and which might be harmful in large quantities. That’s where the dietitian comes in...

For a monthly fee you can gain access to a real life, professional dietitian. These experts will access your uploaded information and help you to come up with workable goals. Far from just saying “do more exercise, eat healthier”, they will help you to nail down where you’ve been going off track, making suggestions as to possible areas to improve on and how to make those improvements.

You can make contact with your personal dietitian as much as you like using the online messaging system. This offers a quick and simple way to get in touch when it’s convenient. You can then receive expert advice based on your food and exercise logs, general comments and any problems you’re experiencing. The dietitian is also there for motivational support.

There are three key software packages available, outside of the personal dietitian. FitDay PC charges a one-off fee, whereas FitDay Premium is a similar system with a monthly charge. The free account is worth trying in the first instance, as it allows you to access a large food and activity database to track your activity, as well as setting personal goals. The upgrades are mainly to remove adverts and allow quicker access to information, but, if you’re on a budget, then we feel that the free software will probably offer most of what you need.

This is primarily a tracking and monitoring system, rather than one which offers exercises and recipes. This is fine, but we do feel that some users might be a little unsure on how to improve their health without the support of a professional dietitian. Whilst this support is provided, it’s going to cost you quite a lot more than using the software exclusively, so the mounting costs are worth bearing in mind.

We think that Fit Day has a lot to offer. Starting out with the free membership is probably a good idea because it will allow you to discover whether you’ll need a dietitian’s support or not. If you wish to speed things up and get some professional support, the paid options are always there.

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