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DietMaster Review

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DietMaster offers a range of diet and nutrition software packages for personal and professional use. Whilst some of its products are suitable for everyday use, we feel that it’s more suitable for health care professionals, such as dieticians and coaches.

At the basic end of the software packages, you’ll find DietMaster 2100. This is personal nutritional and diet software for use at home. It helps you to seek out unhealthy foods and replace them with healthier alternatives. You can create diet schedules, planning out each meal for each day and recording accurate notes on its nutritional values. 

The personal software options will help you to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. So, whether you’re looking to lose weight or you’re keen to make sure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs, it should be able to assist you. It will even estimate your daily calorie requirements and produce your menus for you. If there’s something you don’t like, you can switch it out. Afterwards, the software produces a grocery list for the items you’ll need to make all of your meals. Pretty handy!

DietMaster2100 also includes a fitness assessment tool which lets you work out your fitness rating based on a few simple home tests. From there you can update your information regarding how many calories you ought to consume, and adjust your food accordingly. 

There are also a few special versions of the personal software available, including ones which focus on bone health, lean bodies, blood sugars and various detoxes. This is handy if you (or a family member) has a particular medical condition that you wish to control. 

If you’re a professional healthcare practitioner (whether you’re a dietician, trainer, nurse or doctor) there are also software options available from Diet Master. These range from systems which allow your clients to register (with your logos, competitions, meal plans, exercises, diet ideas and more) to hiring some impressive healthcare kit for use in a surgery. Prices vary considerably, so it’s worth checking the website to find out more details. There are training videos available online, which give some idea as to what’s on offer. 

All of the software packages look relatively easy to use once you’re used to them, and the data provided seems of a professional standard. Subsequently, once you’ve worked it all out, this should offer years’ worth of reliable diet and nutritional information. 

Diet Master doesn’t offer everything for everyone. It’s really focused on recording and altering diets, with little or no focus on exercise. Rather than targeting weight loss, this software produces individualized plans for healthy eating. 

Downloading Dietmaster 2100 is the cheapest option available to you, though you can spend a little more to get a backup CD and set of calipers (to help measure your body more accurately). Packages for detoxing or for particular health issues are a bit more expensive, but not unaffordable. 

Over all we were pleased by the range of software available from Diet Master. Whilst it might be better suited to health care professionals, there are free trials available if you’d like to try it out at home. 

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