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Diet Sleuth Review

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If you’re keen to find out about what you’re eating, Diet Sleuth might be the program for you. It allows you to easily choose which foods (and their weights) you’ll be eating, following a range of adaptable recipes, and tells you about the potential nourishment in each. However, it has very little else to offer users, and is focused solely on diet. 

The software helps you to record which foods you’re going to eat. You can easily locate a food or add one to your list of favorites, then simply include the weight and DietSleuth will calculate the nutritional values. You can access a range of recipes, putting them into a calendar, which will then tell you how much you’re eating eat day and week.

There are quite a few recipes but they’re not very inspiring and you won’t be able to view the foods or see reviews of the recipes, which makes the recipe features quite outdated.

That’s not the end of DietSleuth’s features feeling outdated. The interface looks like it’s decades old, with lots of plain text and simple graphs. It also lacks so many features that we’d expect to see, even from free dieting sites. A major flaw really seems to be that you have to search for foods, rather than receiving balanced recommendations from the software.

The list of missing features would be extensive. If you’re planning on combining healthy eating with exercise then Diet Sleuth will be quite useless because it offers no information on exercising or other methods for healthy living. 

In theory you could combine this software with a website which provides exercise information, but you’d then need to calculate your calorie intake and burning separately. Frankly, why bother? There are other software packages which will help you choose healthy foods, calculate your nutritional intake, provide workouts and help you to track your progress. 

Subsequently, Diet Sleuth is both expensive and of little use. Perhaps you might wish to use it if you only want to monitor your nutritional intake, but otherwise we say you should run for hills.

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