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MyWellness is primarily an exercise app which aims to keep you fit and motivated. It does this by monitoring your movement, setting new targets which can tie in with your lifestyle.

To begin, the software simply gets you moving. Over the course of a day you are required to carry your mobile device with you, and it records your movements. When you reach 500 movements, you’ve completed your day’s target. As you improve, the goals change and become more difficult, but you can also select to practice particular exercises or activities to keep a little variety in your life.

The Pro version of the app allows you to tailor the app so that you can provide exercise and diet targets to clients. There is also a messaging feature so you can talk directly to clients if you see them slipping behind or want to talk to them directly. The website does not provide any prices, but given the personalized nature of the Pro app, we anticipate that fees may apply if you decide to adapt it and distribute it among clients.  

The regular app is free to use, which is great. Unfortunately there are a few reports that the app can crash on some devices. If this occurs, then we’d recommend contacting the development team to see if there are any fixes.

Whilst you are able to input your body measurements and track your calorie intake, the diet and nutritional aspects of MyWellness.com are lacking. This is unfortunate as an improvement in this area could have made for a really useful tool. 

The software is easy to use, although perhaps a little overly simplistic. The range of exercises is also quite limited in comparison with other apps, websites and exercise software packages. Whilst it does several things well at a low level, to further develop we’d like to see more complex data capturing used. With this in place, perhaps users could watch videos, upload their own workout schedules, plan their diet and produce grocery lists. It’s all possible. 

MyWellness is worth checking out, but we feel it underachieves in some key areas. If you want something to motivate you to move, this might work, but if you’re looking for a more in depth fitness and diet program, it probably won’t cut the mustard. Still, it is free so there’s nothing to lose in giving it a try.

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