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If you’re looking for combined dietary and fitness ideas, plans and tracking tools, LIVESTRONG MyPlate Calorie Tracker has plenty to offer. By recording the food you eat each day and choosing from exercises, the software carefully track your calorie and nutritional intake, resulting in an accurate account of your progress.

In particular, we liked the tracking tools on LIVESTRONG. You start off by telling them your weight and targets, and from there you are recommended foods and exercises. The system works by creating calendars which allow you to plan out your meals, making sure you’re able to control the calories you’re consuming.

There are a decent number of healthy, tasty recipes to choose from, but you’re not limited to those recipes on the site as you can input different foods and weights too. You can also track which nutrients you’re eating, and then adjust the diet if you’re deficient in a particular area or need to cut down on a specific food type.

If you decide to have a snack or deviate from your plan, that’s okay. You just update the system with what you ate or drank, and it takes it all into account. Afterwards, you can explore the workouts available. These are filmed on high quality digital video which you can watch at home or when you’re out of the house.

Each workout, if you follow it properly, has been assigned a calorie count for how many calories you’ll have burned off from exercising. This is then deducted from the amount you’ve taken in through food and drink, and you can easily see whether or not you’re consuming too much.

The site might benefit from including some personal dieticians or trainers to help explain your results and make suggestions for next steps. Whilst the tracking software does this to some degree, you might not always be sure what your next goal should be, when to step up your exercise, whether or not you should change your eating habits.

There are some really useful articles on the site, all made a bit more interesting with some great photography. There are plenty of recipes dotted around, although it would be good if these could be a little better organized so you could search for them more easily. This would make it easier to find a recipe if you’re just looking through the cupboards and haven’t planned out a meal.

If you feel you’d benefit from a few supportive friends online, the community features should come in handy. You can share your woes or triumphs with other members, asking or responding to questions and comments. Topics range from food to stress, body image to health concerns. You can also find a variety of articles on topics such as fashion, relationships and lifestyle in the Learn section of the website. 

You may be interested to know that the calorie tracker is part of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Lance Armstrong established the foundation in 1996 with the intention of helping cancer survivers and their families. According to the website, the foundation has since helped more than 2.5 million people via its cancer support services. In 2012, Lance Armstrong resigned from the board of the LIVESTRONG Foundation but continues to be its largest single donor.

Whilst LIVESTRONG MyPlate Calorie Tracker isn’t perfect, it has a lot to offer its members, much of which is freely available. Upgrading opens up access to private support group, removes ads and provides an eating guide, plus a few other extras, but we’d recommend trying out the free membership first to see whether you think it offers what you’re looking for.

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