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Crosstrainer Review

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CrossTrainer.ca offers two pieces of software (Personal or Professional editions) and two ways to use it (online or as a download). The software looks technical but is relatively easy to use, allowing you to accurately track your exercise, food and progress.

This software might be a little better suited to you if you’re a bit tech savvy and have some experience tracking nutrition and work outs. That’s not to say that it’s inappropriate for regular people who want to get fit and eat healthily, but the interface can be a little overwhelming at times. Several tools help you to work out the nutritional values of your foods, and how many calories an exercise will burn, and this could all seem a little abstract if you’re not familiar with similar features.

Assuming this isn’t a problem, what does Cross Trainer’s strength and fitness software offer? Well, you can choose from a wide range of exercises or even design your own and share them with the community. Using these exercises, you can then produce a workout. Alternatively, you can just choose from an array of pre-designed workouts. The best of these will explain their benefits, how many reps you need and any additional information such as tips or necessary equipment. 

The diet features are particularly impressive as you can find recipes, track nutrients and build shopping lists. It would help if this section was a bit more vibrant though, as it’s a bit uninspiring to find recipes based on a bland description and list of nutrients. 

The software / site’s potential downfall is that it doesn’t offer videos for all its exercises. This is in part due to the fact that members can upload their own exercises, but elsewhere you’ll find that a series of photos will have to suffice. Descriptions of the exercises are usually fine, but it’s helpful to have the video as a backup in case you’re unsure how to move properly.

There are a range of resources to help initiate you. Various links are provided to useful websites such as supplements sales sites, exercise review forums, therapy sites and health clubs. You can also read articles on a range of fitness and health topics, or chat to members on the online forum. The forums were in use, although it seemed as though they weren’t being used every day, which is a little disappointing.

CrossTrainer isn’t the cheapest option around, but it offers some substantial software for the tag price. You can also get a discount if you’re upgrading from an older version. Trainers can purchase multiple licences for their clients to use, which allows them to recoup their initial costs. In addition to the set fee for the software (online or offline) you can purchase a USB or CD copy as a backup.

CrossTrainer.ca offers a free trial of its software, which allows you enough opportunity to explore what’s on offer. From there, you can decide whether you’d like to pay for the full package. If you’re serious about monitoring your progress and don’t mind a lack of video features, we feel that Cross Trainer has a lot to offer you in your healthy living pursuit.

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